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Turkey Unveiled: a History of Modern Turkey 

By Hugh Pope and Nicole Pope

London: John Murray, 1997
Woodstock, N.Y.: Overlook Press, 1999
2nd ed. paperback 2000, 3rd ed paperback 2004
Istanbul: Gelenek Yayınevi 2004 (Çıplak Türkiye) 

Selected as a New York Times 'Notable Book' of the year (1999) 

"An unrivalled history of modern Turkey"
The Economist, May 19, 2005

[The 2004 update is a] "new, definitive edition … a rich mosaic of contemporary Turkey and its formative past, combining expert analysis with keen understanding of a culture long misunderstood by the West"
www.powells.com, fall 2004

"Probably the most accessible introduction to modern Turkey"
Lonely Planet Guide to Turkey, 8th edition, March 2003

“The definitive journalistic account of Turkey”
Whit Mason, The Washington Monthly, January/February 2002 
"If Turkey is its own worst enemy, luckily it has friends like Kinzer [New York Times correspondent Steven Kinzer, author of Star and Crescent]. Recent histories like Nicole and Hugh Pope's ''Turkey Unveiled'' offer a deeper and more sophisticated understanding of the country."
Fernanda Eberstadt, the New York Times, Oct. 21, 2001

"On Turkey there is a great deal, but one of the better popular treatments is Nicole and Hugh Pope, Turkey Unveiled (New York, 2000)."
Charles King, The Black Sea: a History

"This well-documented study … is a welcome addition to the literature on contemporary Turkey"
Howard A. Reed, MESA Bulletin 33, 1999

"An objective and balanced overview of the Turkish political landscape is the strength of this book, but in place of the prejudices of a Western education, new prejudices of a more native Turkish brand seem to have crept in ... I found the authors repeating, rather than clarifying, the present confusion in Turkey surrounding the term Kemalism ... Quite successful in showing how the conservative establishment in Turkey is maintaining its stranglehold on democracy ... This book is a mixed bag of goods. It suffers from lack of a clear perspective and it has gone for too much detail ... (the Gulf War and Cyprus) are brilliantly covered ... the authors's handling of the Kurdish problem and the Islamist movement is the most balanced account I have read so far ... in passages where the authors own experience colors analysis of cultural and political symbolism, the book truly comes alive."
Dr Nilufer Kuyas, Private View, journal of the Turkish Businessmen's and Industrialists' Association, Spring 1999.
"Most Western reportage … propagates the idea of a dark, foreboding place, a la 'Midnight Express.' The Popes counter that impression with Turkey Unveiled, a candid portrayal of an intricate environment … Mr. and Mrs. Pope are adept observers of Turkish Islam and fully understand its varied appearances … the Popes have written the most comprehensive history of this often misunderstood place in over a generation. They expertly weave a vast array of figures and events into discernible patterns. Reminiscent of Luigi Barzini's "The Italians", Turkey Unveiled should become the standard-bearing history of this most fascinating society."
Gerald Robbins, the Washington Times, Feb. 21, 1999

"A deeply revealing guide to modern Turkish culture and politics that fills a wide gap in general knowledge. It is also a brave and at times an ironic book … The book begins a bit unsteadily … by the time the Popes reach World War I, however, they settle down and begin enlightening the reader on every page. The finest section of this book deals with the 1915 Turkish massacres of Armenians."
Robert D. Kaplan, the New York Times, January 17, 1999

``For over a decade now, Nicole and Hugh Pope have lived as the uncrowned king and queen of the foreign press corps in Turkey: astute, well-informed ... For years, the visitor who wanted an up-to-the-moment account of Turkey has usually had to sift through highly specialist, unimaginative tomes on economics an political science. Mr and Mrs Pope have unfurled a board, colourful canvas, teeming with detail and offering their own distinct vision ... for most Western readers this book will come as a revelation.''
David Barchard, Cornucopia, Autumn 1997

``One of the best accounts of Turkey’s recent political history.''
Orhan Pamuk, Times Literary Supplement, August 8, 1997

"An outstanding, masterly and lucid account of the Turkish republic since its foundation in 1923. I shall be very surprised if it does not remain the foremost political introduction to Turkey for several years to come ... I could think of no political issue of significance that the Popes have not discerningly and entertainingly discussed. Their account is filled with anecdotal material which reveals just how well they know their subject. Despite their manifest affection for Turkey, the Popes do not duck the controversial issues ... (a) marvelous book."
David McDowall, author of A Modern History of the Kurds, Middle East International, August 8, 1997

``The authors ... perform an admirable service in presenting the Turks as normal and likeable human beings, with whom western readers should not find it difficult to empathise. This is in fact precisely the good readable introduction to Turkish politics which has been cruelly lacking for at least a generation ... the authors would not claim to rival the scholarship of Professor Bernard Lewis, but their work comes nearer to replacing or updating his Emergence of Modern Turkey (1961) than anything that has appeared in English since.''
Edward Mortimer, Financial Times, August 2, 1997

`` Turkey Unveiled is the best available general account of the history and politics of postwar Turkey, strongly recommended ... Nicole and Hugh Pope have interviewed practically everyone of note and clearly know their way around the tangled skeins of Turkish political life.”
Roger Norman, Turkish Daily News, July 28, 1997

``A pragmatic, brisk trot across the territory, written out of an awesome depth of first-hand knowledge of the country, tough, at times uncompromising, yet informed by a clear understanding of what makes Turkey tick.''
Arminta Wallace, Irish Times, July 19, 1997

``A lively read, full of sure-footed analysis and attention to comic as well as lurid detail.''
Jonathan Rugman, Guardian, July 17, 1997

``Excellent ... penetrating in its analysis.''
Sara Wheeler, London Independent, June 28, 1997

``The two authors cover the most important political and social developments in Turkey and analyze in a serious manner the factors of interaction between a society moving back to its real identity, and the powers of secularism which keep directing it in various ways and with whatever powers they can muster.''
Abd al-Monim Hassan, Al-Aalam, June 26, 1997

``A first-class guide to (Turkey’s) political history; it will quickly take its place as the best general survey of modern Turkish politics in English ... the Pope’s comments (on the vexed problem of the Kurds) should become required reading for Western diplomats and politicians.''
Noel Malcolm, Sunday Telegraph, June 22, 1997

“This book campaigns with great clarity and vigour against our ignorance and bewilderment ... Turkey Unveiled is a responsible and well-balanced book that neither takes sides nor shirks important issues. It conveys a clear picture of Turkey’s development from Ottoman times to the present, it is rich in anecdote and observation, and manages to be affectionate and respectful, but highly critical, at the same time. It reads seamlessly, which is remarkable in a co-authored book, and especially in one whose co-authors are married.”
Louis de Bernières, Observer Review, June 15, 1997

“Thoroughly interesting ... Nicole and Hugh Pope are well-equipped, clear-headed professionals. Turkey Unveiled is a reporters’ book, full of events and scenes described with the minute-by-minute immediacy of news.”
Philip Glazebrook, the Sunday Times, June 8, 1997

“The book is written with a deep comprehension of contemporary Turkey, objectivity and attention to detail  ... even those who believe they know Turkey well will find much observation and analysis that will give them pause to think.”
Şahin Alpay, Milliyet newspaper, June 3, 1997

“A brilliant and timely book for anyone wishing to understand the Turks and all that is going on in their extraordinary land today. It would be hard to think of anyone better qualified to write it.”
Peter Hopkirk, author of The Great Game, June 1, 1997